MLEIP events unite a dynamic community of interns, alumni, partners and stakeholders and prepare them to transform the planet.


  • Invited to serve as featured speakers

  • Promote organizational brand

  • Meet recent college graduates from across the nation

  • Recruit from a diverse talent pool

  • Interact with business and environmental professionals

  • Share knowledge and expertise

  • Inspire emerging leaders to launch their career


  • Meet and network with senior leaders and hiring managers

  • Leverage variety of learning opportunities

  • Perform challenging stretch assignments

  • Develop meaningful skills

  • Collaborate with cohort of peers

  • Build lasting relationships

  • Increase self-confidence


“The Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program has been an amazing success for almost three decades. Today we continue to rely on the goodwill of corporate entities and individuals to support MLEIP with the following call to action:
  • Public and private sector organizations are needed to host interns; and
  • Generous donors are needed to help underwrite the cost of the internship program, specifically, to fund the annual intern conference, professional development sessions, and interactive virtual webinars.
I am committed to providing financial support to the Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program on an annual basis going forward. I humbly request companies, individuals, and MLEIP alumni consider making a similar commitment to ensure the internship program continues and is strengthened as an amazing gift that keeps on giving.”

John Hall
Former Chairman, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

Founder, Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program

Your donation will directly benefit the Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Corporation, (MLEIC), 501(c)(3).
No contributions will be provided to or solicited by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

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